wo 20 maart | 14:00 - 14:45
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Quantum Computing Jumpstart

The pace of technological evolution in computing has been astonishing, allowing for amazing innovation for business and society. However, the complexity and size of the challenges that people want to solve with information and communication technology, make that conventional computers are reaching their limits. The reality of both physics and economics threaten the progression of Moore's Law. Scientists and engineers have been exploring alternatives to classical computers. One of these stands above the others in terms of its speed, power and potential: Quantum Computers.
Cloud Computing
Digital Transformation
Eric Michiels
Eric Michiels en Hans Van Mingroot
Technical Advisor for the Computer Services Industry, IBM Belgium
Eric Michiels works as Executive Architect at IBM Belgium. As such he translates the customer requirements into a workable ICT Solution, deployed on-premise and/or in the cloud. While Eric has a breadth of technical and architectural knowledge, he has a deep-dive experience with Business Analytics and Cognitive Computing (AI). As Master in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, he also has developed in-depth skills for this new paradigm "Quantum Computing".
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